About Us

Every ticketing market has its own set of needs, as well as its own target audience and market goal. This necessitates a high level of specialism as well as the capacity to flawlessly adapt to its business strategies. Events And Beyond is the only company in the world that has opted to serve the needs of all markets with its solutions.

But this isn’t only for big clients: Events And Beyond has made its technology expertise available to small and medium-sized businesses as well.

The fundamental cornerstones of Events And Beyond solutions are our customers.

With us, you can imagine and build your event.

Events And Beyond provides a comprehensive set of integrated systems and services that are critical for the planning and management of your events.

Every part of event administration is handled by us.

Events And Beyond has the required abilities to support you in the best possible way in the management of your event, thanks to our team’s experience in brand management, activation, and corporate events gathered in the numerous areas in which it operates.

Our Services

Integrated Solutions
Events production
Event Management
Ticketing & Access
Staffing services

Every element of the event may be entrusted to Events And Beyond know-how and professionalism, from concept design to event production and promotion, from planning to communication, passing through advertising campaigns and staging.


The sum of an event’s pieces determines its flawless outcome: Events And Beyond ensures your success.